Connecting People Along The Way means:


We’d love to help you get connected.  Connected to people and connected to God. 

If you’ve never been a regular church attender or if it’s been years since you have, we can help you start, renew or continue your journey.


Scripture is broken down into segments or verses and explained in a way that is easy to understand and follow.
References are made throughout the Bible that support the topic and subject of discussion.


Some of the questions below might help you get started. 
Perhaps you’ve even asked some yourself.  You’re not the first to question the hard beginning of something new and unknown. 
And you won’t be the last. 

Faith is a lifetime journey and with any long journey the best advice is to find a guide. Pick up the phone and contact pastor Anchul and he’d be more than happy to begin our journey with you. 

No. Our Pastor has a ponytail and has not spent his whole life at the pulpit. There is no judgement of anybody’s past or present here at The Ridge. 

Yes. You can talk with Pastor Anchul at any time to ask questions or discuss what you might expect as you begin your faith journey. Contact the church office at 816-353-1435 – and set up a time to meet. You’ll be very pleased at how relaxed you will be – when you begin to understand your faith journey. And he will guide and lead you and help you to Connect Along The Way.

We could write an entire book answering that question, including the bible. Simply put, faith is a belief in something much greater than yourself and most people don’t quite understand that feeling or way of thinking when their journey begins.  And again, we encourage you to call the office and talk with Pastor Anchul who will be happy to explain this in greater detail. 

At The Ridge, we love questions. We’ve even had an entire worship series where folks submitted questions every week for eight weeks about death, life, forgiveness, conflicts in biblical interpretations, the existence or non-existence of hell and much more.

Pastor Anchul doesn’t have all the answers, but he’d love to help lead you into a direction to help find the answers for the questions you have.

Connecting People Along The Way means connecting people with God and with one another. As you travel your faith journey – and we all have one – we’d like to help you connect with us as a new church family, our community in God.  Along the way is a reference to our life’s journey. 

As pastor Anchul would say “neither was I”.

It’s certainly ok to not have a history of being raised in a church or with parent’s or adults that did not practice any faith. What you feel in your heart now – as you look for answers and look for a place to begin understanding Christianity is where you Faith Journey begins.

There’s a lot of life to juggle these days and the world’s a mess.

It’s hard to be hopeful because we carry guilt and negative thoughts.  When you’re so focused on your messed up life it’s difficult to focus on anything else especially when you’re trying to figure out your life’s purpose. 

We’ve all been blessed with gifts and talents and when we find a way to use them in service to others, then we are ‘on purpose’ with our lives.  You’re on a journey and everything you go through has purpose.  Things don’t happen “to” you, they happen FOR you.  

Turn to God. Turn to scripture. Get clarity from God. Meet with a pastor. Visit a church. Open your mind and your heart to receive the answers you’re looking for and can accept the many blessings you deserve.

Stop trusting thoughts that bring you down and turn to thoughts that lift you up.  God has a plan for you.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”  – Wayne Dyer

When the time is right and you think you’re ready, start by attending a few services. Because you’re a visitor you’ll have no responsibility to that church.


As you visit, ask yourself a few questions. The most important thing is you feel a sense of belonging and feel the church can lift your faith.  If you don’t feel that way because of the church, the ministry, or the congregation, go to a different church and continue looking.  Here’s a few ideas about what might be important to you when choosing a church.  Keep in mind that your number one resource for every decision in life is to turn to God. Pray and look to God for wisdom.