The Ridge: A Community Church

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The Ridge: A Community Church
Traditional Service 9:00 am – Contemporary Service 10:30 am

5055 Blue Ridge Boulevard, Kansas City, Missouri 64133  Phone: 816-353-1435

What Should I Expect When I Come to Visit?

When you visit The Ridge, you are our guest, and we want you to experience genuine hospitality. When entering our building there will be someone there to greet you and help you get oriented.  If you like, take time to visit with folks and get some of your questions answered.  This is our gathering area before worship time where we socialize and check in with each other.

Someone will show you to our Sanctuary if you’re unfamiliar with our building.  Or just go directly down the long hall, take a left and then another left into the sanctuary.  Pick up a bulletin and a yellow connection card by the door as you enter.  If your child is accompanying you pick up an activity bag that you’ll find hanging on a nearby colorful rack just inside the doors. Your child will enjoy it during the service, and it’ll give them something to help feel at ease.  Please feel free to take it home. Find a seat where you’ll feel comfortable.

Because of issues with Covid19 we no longer have ushers.  But you’ll notice groups of people visiting with friends in the halls so please feel free to ask any questions of anyone near the Sanctuary doors.

Where Are You Located?

We’re the large red brick Methodist Church located on the corner of 51st street and Blue Ridge Boulevard, (5055 Blue Ridge Blvd.) where Raytown, Independence and Kansas City all three come together.   See a map of our community on our Contact Us page.

Two Worship Experiences: Traditional 9:00 am, Contemporary 10:30 am.

Pastor Anchul loves to refer to our worship times as worship experiences.  It is typically an hour long and includes singing, prayer, and a time for learning about God’s Word.


You are our guest and are therefore in no way expected or required to make an offering. What we do request is that you register your attendance by filling out the “yellow connection card” you picked up as you entered.  You’ll not be accosted or receive junk mail – we’ll just be glad you took time to visit and hope you found something you liked and will return another time.  If you feel compelled to make a donation or gift to The Ridge, please place it with your yellow card in one of the two “bird-houses” on the brick columns outside the Sanctuary doors. 

You’ll find answers below about childcare, children’s church, parking, communion, what to wear, handicap accessibility, hearing impaired and our music . . .

You’ll find ample parking in the lot behind the church as you enter from 51st street.  Enter the building through the double doors just under the covered pick-up-drop-off area where you’ll be met by friendly greeters. After visiting with the greeters at the door, stop at our Welcome Center if you wish and pick up a visitor packet. You’ll find rest rooms in the hallway as you move towards the sanctuary.  We no longer use ushers because of Covid19. You’ll notice hand sanitizer and masks in the lobby area.  Please help yourself. Masks are optional.  As you enter the Sanctuary, please pick up a bulletin and a yellow connection card.  Take a seat wherever you feel most comfortable.  At the end of the service introduce yourself and visit for a moment with Pastor Anchul as you leave down the center aisle. If you prefer to leave and not introduce yourself at this time, go to the side aisle. On your next or any subsequent visit, you may feel more comfortable and want to visit then.  We look forward to meeting you!

At this time childcare is not available for babies to third grade.  We hope to have our volunteers in place soon.   

Children’s Church is at 10:30 am.
Greeters will direct you to the class leaders while in the gathering area where they’ll form a group and enter the Sanctuary for the beginning of the worship service and then leave for their classroom.  After the service, return to the gathering area to meet up with your child.

Be sure to check out our Kid’s Corner where your children can listen to books read just for them!


Visit with a greeter upon arrival and they’ll help you locate the correct room. for the class you’re interested in.

The Builder’s Class at 10:00 am
Old Testament history to contemporary Christian topics. 

The Covenant Class at 8:00 am
Church history, Christian and world religions. 

The Good Samaritan Class at 8:00 am
Adults with physical and developental disabilities; opportuity to apply bible lessons to daily Christian living.

Communion is served the first Sunday of the month at both services. Our Communion Table is an Open Table where all are welcome. Our table is a table where everyone is special. You’re invited to come forward, receive the body and the blood of Christ and experience the love of God.  If we’re serving communion during your visit you’re welcome to participate.  Your presence in our worship indicates you are somewhere along your spiritual journey. It doesn’t matter if you’re just beginning or you’re a seasoned Christian, all are welcome to take part in our communion if you wish.  If you choose to stay home and watch the service on Facebook, feel free to come by the church Tuesday-Thursday, 9 am -4:00 pm before the first Sunday of the month and pick up a self-contained cup of juice and cracker to have at home.  They will be available on a table just inside the entry area.  The interior door will be locked but you’ll be let in when you ring the doorbell and inform them of why you’re there.

At The Ridge we enjoy a very casual environment. We encourage you to come as you are. Wear a suit and tie or wear your favorite blue jeans; you’re welcome either way. After all, Sunday worship has little to do with the clothes you wear and everything to do with experiencing God.  The first step in being comfortable with Jesus, is being comfortable.

Our building is handicapped accessible.  There is plenty of accessible parking in the back parking lot including a covered drive-up loading and unloading area.  And we have easily accessible restrooms and an elevator to the lower level.

We have headsets available for the hearing impaired.  Please ask anyone at the sound booth at the back of the sanctuary for assistance.  They’ll be more than glad to help and assist you.

At our Traditional Worship Experience at 9:00, we’ll experience the deep resonant sound of a pipe organ, the classic touch of a Grand piano, voices lifting high in praise of God as we sing familiar hymns. 

Our contemporary service meets at 10:30. This service has a more casual atmosphere, a different style of music utilizing guitars, keys, drums and technology. Oh! And it is a bit louder as well.