What is a Devotional?


A devotional is a relatively new term to describe an old scriptural principle and practice. God’s people over the ages have called it different names, such as quiet time, time with God, meditation, and prayer time. 

Our Devotionals are directly related to a specific sermon in the current Sermon Series. 

It’s the time we set apart to fellowship with God in prayer and His Word, during which He nourishes, strengthens, and refreshes us.  It is the principle and practice of spending time with God in prayer and His Word.

The presence and power of God directly influences the hearts and lives of His people as they devote time to be with Him in His Word and prayer.

Our devotionals can be found HERE as part of our Sermon Series.
For Sermon Series prior to the “The Armor of God”, the Devotionals will be added in time. We are working hard to back-load and get caught up with our devotionals in a new, easier to use format.