History Continued

We hope you enjoy reading about the history of Blue Ridge including a timeline from to 1851 to 2001, lots of local history, with photos and a chronological list of all serving pastors and their years of service.

The church which served the Blue Ridge and Raytown area for seventy four years as Young’s Chapel, adopted a new name, Blue Ridge Boulevard Methodist, in December 1933.

In 1991, a Building Study Committee gave approval for Sanctuary renovation and Narthex expansion.  The goal was to enhance congregational involvement, and improve conditions for worship, special services and presentations.

Groundbreaking for construction with the theme “Opening Our Doors to the Future” was held July 11, 1999. A new west entry with expanded Narthex, new east entry with Beatitude Room and Sanctuary renovation were complete by May 2001.

Blue Ridge continues to be engaged in vital ministry today on the same corner where God planted us in 1851.