The Gospel of John

These are written so that you may believe


Risen: Death Where Is Your Sting –  Easter Sunday
An empty tomb a risen savior and a life changed. What’s it all mean?


The Book of John, Palm Sunday
The Triumphal Entry was a large celebratory parade. But who attending? Who was on the guest list? Who had to be there and who wanted to be there? And what does ANY of this have to do with us? You have questions? We have answers! 


The Book of John 
How do you view the idea of “serving”? And how is your faith reflected in your desire to serve? This is where the rubber meets the road. 


The Book of John 
If Jesus was able to raise a Lazarus from the dead, he is able to raise your marriage, finances, and life from the dead as well.  Do you ever feel that you’re plugging away at life, all on your own? Doesn’t have to be that way.


The Book of John
Jesus spoke about His sheep. But what did He mean? Do we follow blindly or do we follow with purpose. Join us, and find out. Here at The Ridge.


The Book of John
What do you see? 
We go about our day to day lives, but often we don’t see what God is doing. Often, we don’t hear what God is saying. All that can change!


The Book of John
Who’s your daddy? Well, spiritually…who’s your daddy? And what’s it matter? Find out here, at The Ridge.


The Book of John
How many times of you heard, or said, “this is just the way I am, DEAL WITH IT!”? But what if things could be different? What if life could be different? It all begins with just one word…


The Book of John
Jesus said we should drink of His blood and feed on His flesh. Was this a preview for the zombie apocalypse or something much more, much deeper? Come and find out, as we meet at The Ridge.


John…So that you may believe.
Can a drink of water change you life… why yes, it can. Even when you aren’t thirsty.


John Part 2
All of us have gifts, talents, given to us. And the things we do with these talents should point back to the one who gave them to us.


The Book of John


The Book of John
These Are Written So That You May Believe.
Every doubt who God is? So did the author of one of the greatest gospels written. Join us, we we walk through the book of John. Today, is just the beginning.