Ruth: Beyond the Sermon

Going beyond the sermon and growing deeper.

Because there was so much to cover in the Worship Series on Ruth, this is an additional piece to enhance the original sermons.


Ruth . . .Beyond the Sermon
A final look at Ruth. More insight on Naomi and discovering God’s hand in the story of Ruth and in the story of our own lives. We’re going deeper…


Ruth Chapter Three
So… what is the threshing floor? And what’s up with uncovering Boaz’ feet? And what is the deal with the Kinsmen-Reddemer? And how does that relate to our relationship with Jesus? Let’s go deeper with todays video. Going beyond the sermon.


Ruth Chapter Two – in the Days when Judges Ruled
Part 2 of a four-part sermon series. Go deeper, learn more, discover forshadowing…and romance.


Ruth: In the days when the judges ruled.
Want to go past the sermons of our current worship series “Woman of the Bible”? How can one short book weave through the entire 66 books of the bible?  Let’s go deeper.